Pet Boarding Las Vegas

pet boarding las vegas

How to Select a Quality Pet Boarding Facility in Las Vegas

As a pet owner, you cannot always take your dog or cat along on trips away from home for one reason or another, (especially puppies!). Before you leave on your trip, you must set up care for your animal. When a relative or trusted friend is not available for this task, this is where a pet boarding facility comes in handy. The question is how do you locate a quality one for your needs. Below are some pertinent points that you should keep in mind when you search for boarding for your pet.

Ask for Recommendations

Inquire among your coworkers, family members, friends and veterinarian to discover the establishment that they recommend for quality pet boarding. During this, you may learn that your veterinarian offers boarding at his or her clinic. Make a list of the choices that people provide you in order to research into them a bit further.

Think of Your Pet’s Needs

Consider your pet’s physical needs, especially if he or she has a certain health issue that requires daily attention. Not all boarding facilities may be capable of delivering this type of care. Also, ask a facility what type of emergency care that it provides in case of unexpected issues.

Inspect the Facility to Ensure It Is Clean and Sanitary

You should ask to inspect the facility in order to see for yourself that it is clean and sanitary. If the place refuses, then turn elsewhere since it may be trying to cover up unhealthy practices.

Will the Boarding Facility Allow You to Bring Your Pet’s Food and Toys?

Your pet will feel more at home in the facility that allows you to bring his or her food and toys along for the length of the stay. Ask the boarding facility if this is allowable along with the addition of the animal’s favorite blanket if he or she has one.

The Staff Should Supervise the Animals Closely Day and Night

The facility should employ sufficient staff to supervise the animals closely both during the day and at night. Your pet should not be left in the facility alone in the facility without a staff member on the premises. An emergency may occur that requires fast action.

Will the Caretakers Exercise the Animals Daily?

Staff members should exercise the animals each day to ensure they release pent-up energy. Each pet’s needs do vary when it comes to the amount of physical activity that he or she requires regularly. Discuss your concerns in this area with the pet boarding facility before you agree to board the pet there.

Does the Facility Require All Pets Have Their Vaccinations?

All boarding facilities should require pets to have their vaccinations ranging from the rabies vaccine to the one that prevents Bordetella or kennel cough in dogs. Certain facilities may even require that you practice flea and tick prevention with your animal before they accept your animal for a stay at their accommodations. All of this is for the protection of your pet, and the other animals that they care for daily.

The Individual Pet Accommodations Should Provide Adequate Space

Each pet’s individual space should be large enough to allow the animal to move about comfortably during waking hours. If the pens, cages or rooms are inadequate in size, your pet will bump into the sides or the top constantly, and this will make for a nerve-racking stay for your animal.

Staff Members Need to Handle the Animals in a Kind Manner

Animal caretakers need to deal with the animals gently and lovingly. They can be firm when necessary, but they never should be cruel. Try to observe the staff members with the animals, if at all possible, prior to boarding your pet at a facility.

Ensure That the Facility’s Fees Fit Your Budget

Do not forget to ask about the boarding fees since these vary greatly between facilities. Whereas veterinarian clinics and traditional boarding establishments typically charge affordable fees for their services, posh pet resorts may charge fees that do not fit within your budget. Pet resorts offer additional features and extra pampering for animals, though, in comparison to the other cat and dog boarding facilities.

Consider all this information as you search for a pet boarding facility, and you will discover one that provides only quality care to your pet. Remember, your pet is part of your family and deserves the best care possible when you are out of town.

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